Tingaling and the Glump

July 23, 2012

Cora is so excited we just earned a new Moshling, Tingaling, the lucky cat. I have to admit, this one is a real cutie so I was looking forward to this lunch as much as she was!

Tingaling Moshling Sandwich
Tingaling is a cheese sandwich with fruit leather and soy paper accents. Her whiskers are uncooked spaghetti, and her ears are held in place with spaghetti as well.

Tingaling Moshling and Gump Lunch
Look out Tinagling, there is a Gump plum hiding in the pile of cherry lucky coins! In the other compartment are broccoli, carrots and cucumber drizzled with Ranch dressing.

To make this lunch I used:

Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 18 Shapes
Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 15 Facial Expression

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