Thank you for visiting Veggie-Bento! This site is a compilation of Cora’s Lunches. Cora is a vivacious, playful, sensitive, active, pesco-vegetarian preschooler that eats a lot more of her lunch if its fun. She is a big fan of cheese and fruit but about once a week I can get her to eat some veg at lunchtime if I include it often (with ranch dressing). Her main sources of protein are dairy, hummus, egg, Quorn products and beans. Every once in awhile she eats a little fish, but her lunches are always vegetarian.

Occasionally, we do reviews in exchange for samples we have received, but only if we like the product, and we always give a full, honest opinion. If we have nothing nice to say, we say nothing at all! If you are interested in providing a sample for review and/or a giveaway, please contact me at Lise (at) Veggie-Bento (dot) com.

In addition to being Cora’s mom (and wife to the endearingly sweet D), I am a full time web developer with a passion for making things fun for Cora. Bento’ing started with just trying to get Cora to eat more, but now its become my favorite hobby.

Have fun!

Enjoying an ELB lunch with hubby, D

4 Responses to “About Veggie-Bento”

  1. llatorre Says:

    You are so kind, thank you!

  2. ewise Says:

    Great stuff! I definitely see a cool book coming from all of this content. Good luck. In the very least, it’s taking an ordinary event and turning it into an extraordinary moment.

  3. llatorre Says:

    Thanks for the support! I am hatching a plot to self-publish a book of ‘patterns’. But, more than anything, I like the idea of a blog to 1. hold me accountable so I keep the creativity going and 2. get a tax write-off for all my bento supplies. I’ve gone more than a bit bonkers shopping to support my new hobby!

  4. tsada Says:

    I love that you are blogging this! It’s bound to be a hit. You need to make a business of these fantastic bentos!

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