Cora was so excited by the Earth Day theme yesterday, she woke up asking for another one today. I call this one Save the Whale because my ‘blue’ water turned out a sludgy purple so it looks like he is swimming in polluted water. Poor guy!

For more Earth Day themed lunches, see out yesterday’s post (Earth Day Tree Hugger Lunch), then click on the button at the end of the post to hop through the amazing lunches in the Earth Day Bento Blog Hop. There are some really great cute n green lunches in there made by some very talented gals!

In honor of Earth Day, I decided to go entirely vegan with this lunch (except for the gelatin in the vitamin).

Our poor little fruit leather whale is swimming in yummy coconut milk yogurt dyed an odd sludgy purple with blue natural food dye. Other folks got a really nice color using the natural dyes so I think it was a weird reaction to the coconut milk (as opposed to dairy products).

Our vegan Earth Day lunch is finished off with a hummus and spinach reduce, reuse, recycle Earth surrounded by carrot sticks, a broccoli and almond cheese forest (the grass is almond cheese dyed green with natural food dye) and fruit flowers.

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Earth Day Blog Hop

Easter Basket Lunch

April 2, 2012

Almond butter and marmalade basket sandwich decorated with fruit leather eggs. I was decorating the outside of the basket with fruit leather flowers, but apparently I got side tracked 🙂

I finished the lunch with egg bunny, carrot sticks and fruit chicks

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Looks like we are heading into a season of lunches based on books. The Monster at the End of the Book is one of my childhood favorites, so I love that its one of Cora’s favorites too!

Cheese grover (dyed blue with natural colors) bricked in with almond butter and marmalade wall

The lunch is finished off by fruit walls and Cora’s special addition – a snow scene. Not sure how it fits but she insists it’s snowing at the end of the book. She picked out the cutters, went to town on a slice of cheese and then climbed up on a stool to place them in the lunchbox. With all that, I had to concede that yes indeed, it is snowing at the end of the book!

To make this lunch I used:

Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 18 Shapes

Roaring Good Lunch

March 29, 2012

Cheese quesadilla lion with cheese and raw spaghetti features

Egg mouse with cheese ears and spaghetti whiskers and tail. To make the ears, I cut out two small leaf shapes and froze them to stiffen them up and make them easier to work with. I cut a small slit for each ear into the top of the egg and pressed the pointed end of the leaf into each.

I finished the lunch with rainbow carrot, watermelon and kiwi stars

To make this lunch I used:

Japanese Bento Deco Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set Wow Animal
Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 15 Facial Expression
Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 18 Shapes