I’m not much of a fan of bombs bursting in air, but we do love independence in our house, and are so very thankful to have it! All Cora can talk about is “America’s birthday” even though HER birthday is tomorrow. (side note: I totally ordered her not to come on the 4th and right from the bat that uber-independent child tried her best to defy me. I still won out with her arriving in the wee early hours of July 5, but it was a close one!

To celebrate the day, I just had to make another lunch. This time we have a cream cheese and banana sandwich decorated with more cream cheese and berries. Alongside is a huge strawberry with the coolest tinsel food pick towering over it (I laid it on its side for transport and told Cora to prop it back up to ‘celebrate while eating her lunch’). In our slice of pie silicone cup are white yogurt covered pretzels.

The lunch is finished with pineapple and watermelon fruit stars and a hard-boiled egg kinda molded into a star (the egg was a little small for the mold).

For more 4th of July fun, visit my Fourth of July Fireworks post, then follow the blog hop linked at the end. Several amazingly talented bento bloggers joined in the fun and the lunches are so cute!

To make this lunch I used: