Captain Barnacles Sandwich

This winter, Cora fell in love with the Octonauts. I wanted to explore new ways to use the CuteZCute, so I decided to make Captain Barnacles, the polar bear. Since it was near Christmas, I put him in a fruit leather santa hat and gave him kiwi and pineapple snowmen to play with. I rounded out the meal with diced Quorn cutlet with a small cup of mustard for dipping.

The polar bear was made by adapting the cute panda character in the CuteZCute cutter set. Want to win one of your own? Enter the CuteZCute Giveaway, open through Wednesday, February 13.

To make this lunch I used:


2 Responses to “Captain Barnacles’ Christmas Lunch”

  1. I need to make this for Eliana! She loves Octonauts too!

  2. jeejee Says:

    He is soooooooo cute

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