Happy Turkeys for Thanksgiving

November 19, 2012

We veggies don’t do turkey for Thanksgiving. But, this year I am making an exception and making turkey sandwiches, kinda. Oh, and serving Quorn ‘Turkey’ Roast for my Scottish relatives who are visiting and looking forward to a traditional-ish American Thanksgiving. Usually, I do veggie lasagna and go for an Italian-style feast so this will be a fun change!

Vegetarian turkey sandwich

Cheese sandwich with fruit leather features, raspberries in plain Greek yogurt, watermelon and pineapple fall leaves

Vegetarian Turkey Sandwich

Cream cheese and banana English muffin sandwich with fruit leather and cheese features, watermelon and kiwi fall leaves, baby carrots and hummus

To make these lunches I used:

Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 12 pcs
Bento Pastry Cookie Cutter and Stamp Leaves

2 Responses to “Happy Turkeys for Thanksgiving”

  1. Lise your bentos are always so amazing!! You put so much detail and love into each one 🙂 Love this Happy Turkeys!

  2. Those are too cute! Brilliant job with their face. And, I love the pineapple leaves.

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