I am just now recovering from the flu and fairly happily spent the duration of the bug in bed with my iPad watching the short-lived but awesome series Firefly on Netflix. The 10th anniversary special for the series airs on 11/11 (http://science.discovery.com/tv/firefly/10-anniversary) and I can’t wait! To celebrate, some of my geekier bento friends and I are having a Firefly-inspired blog hop, starting at 9am PST. I went live a little early so please check back and catch the rest of the hop!

My big challenge was making a fun lunch that would work for me as a Firefly fan and Cora, who has no idea what I’m talking about. Then, I saw the episode in which Kaylee gets to dress up in a frilly pink dress and knew I found my hook 🙂 I usually avoid the overly-girly with Cora, but every once in a while I make an exception for all too-selfish reasons. This was one of them.

Firefly Anniversay Blog Hop - Kaylee's Dream Dress

I decided to capture the end scene in which Kaylee curls up on her bunk, gazing at her pretty dress (decorated with strawberries pureed and mixed in with cream cheese and a touch of natural food color) and eating treats. In this case, she is eating cream-cheese stuffed strawberries and an apple (sliced up of course!). To commemorate her beloved ship, we have melon and pineapple fireflies in the corner.

I realized that this might not be enough food so I added another layer to the sandwich. I called it a ‘hidden dress’ to Cora. She then decided the hidden dress needed to be decorated too.

Firefly Kaylee's under dress

Then Cora decided the dress was so pretty Kaylee needs to be wearing it. And she needs to have a face. And she needs to have hair. Hair that is blond, like her.

Cora's Kaylee

And there you have it – a lunch suitable for a Firefly fan AND a particular 4 year old girl. Kinda

Don’t forget to follow the Firefly to the next blog and check out Shannon’s celebration of the Firefly anniversary special. Shiny!

To make this lunch I used:

Natural Food Color


14 Responses to “Firefly Kaylee and her Frilly Dress”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I only just got to watch the entire run this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love all the different versions of the dress – shiny!!

  2. Jenn Says:

    So shiny!!!! That is one of our favorite episodes 😀 Kaylee and the frilly dress are so adorable!

    • llatorre Says:

      I love Kaylee. Well, I love all of them, but I really like the tomboy with a girly side type character. I wonder why 😛

  3. OMGosh! This is too cool! As a Mom of girls, I completely understand Cora’s rationalization. LOL! Kaylee’s dress never looked better….every version and especially when she’s wearing it. 🙂 Shiny!

  4. Awesome!!! I really like the changes! The temptation to do all my future posts like this is very strong!

    Looks and sounds delicious!

  5. Alex Says:

    Love the lunch and the story that goes with it!

    • llatorre Says:

      Thanks! It was so funny how it all evolved. She’d insist on a change, go play, come back and insist on another. We were an hour late for school because I just couldn’t help encouraging her interest

  6. Cristi Says:

    This is beyond shiny… I love the evolution of her lunch! It’s just so lovely… and very Kaylee 🙂

  7. Karen Says:

    I love seeing all of the different versions before it became the right amount of Shiny 😉

  8. Kathy Says:

    I have never seen firefly but I loved seeing the variations of your bento and the explanations.

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