Finally! A Mermaid!

October 25, 2012

Cora has been asking for a mermaid lunch for quite awhile. So, far, I’ve gotten away with a variety of under the sea themed lunches, but I really wanted to honor her request without resorting to one of the sexy mermaid cutters I saw everywhere. I spent a little time studying different cartoon mermaids (no, NOT Disney) and came up with a design I could feel good about. So, Cora finally got her mermaid lunch!

Mermaid Lunch

I made our girl using a shark cookie cutter. I cut off the fins and the head, and used a small circle cutter to make her head. Her hair is made from organic, dye-free cheese curls

To make this lunch I used:

Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 18 Shapes
Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 15 Facial Expression
Japanese Bento Decoration Ham Cheese Cutter Set 9pcs Sea

2 Responses to “Finally! A Mermaid!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Such a wonderful mermaid! And I love her hair!

  2. Super Cute Lise!! Love that you used a shark cookie cutter for her body! It actually looks WAY better than any of the mermaid cookie cutters!

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