CuteZCute Cat Lunch

September 26, 2012

I was so excited when my new sample of the CuteZCute kit arrived! I immediately plopped it in the dishwasher (top shelf) so I could use it the very next day. This thing is so dang cute! This morning, I couldn’t wait to dig in, but first I had to decide which cute critter I wanted; panda, frog, pig or cat. I opted for the cat – look how cute it is!

Our cute kitty has a lot of fun in store! There is a quail egg, cheese and spaghetti mouse to chase, a plum buckwheat noodle ball of yarn to dismantle and a passel of watermelon kittens to wrestle.

To learn more about the CuteZCute cutter and stamp kit, check out this fun tutorial by JeeJee from AllThingsForSale and the creator of CuteZCute, and stay tuned because I plan to use this set A LOT!

To make this lunch I used:

CuteZcute Bento Food Deco Cutter and Pastry Press Kit
Decorative Bento Cutter Animal Set with Nori Puncher
Japanese Bento Box Accessories Food Pick Animal Fork Pick 8 pcs

5 Responses to “CuteZCute Cat Lunch”

  1. […] As cats are his all time favourite animal, I agreed, especially since I’d recently seen this super cute bento from Lise at Veggie Bento and wanted to try the egg […]

  2. Kristie Says:

    oh I LOVE this whole lunch! that little mouse is so adorable, and the winking kitty with her ball of yarn – awesome! thanks for sharing this for Fancy Sandwich Friday!

  3. jeejee Says:

    Sooooooooooo cute! i love every element in this bento. Cat sandwich & spaghetti mouse is a genius combo!!

  4. Jenn Says:

    So so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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