Goofy Bunny

September 25, 2012

Cora was digging around in my picks and found the goofy teeth pop (thanks Kendra!). I’ve always wanted to do a sandwich with one after seeing this adorable post about bunny lip pops. So now was my chance!

Our goofy bunny is a Wowbutter sandwich with a touch of chocolate hazelnut spread and decorated with cheese, raw spaghetti and fruit leather. He has a quail egg bunny and raspberry yogurt pretzels keeping him company

The lunch is finished with watermelon bunnies and apple chunks

To make this lunch I used:

Japanese Bento Accessory Food Pick Hat 3D food picks 8 pcs
Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Rabbit Frog Monkey Bear Pig
Japanese Bento Box Accessories Food Pick Animal Fork Pick 8 pcs
Japanese Bento Accessories Sandwich Cutter Small Animal and Flower

2 Responses to “Goofy Bunny”

  1. Rina Says:

    This is SO cute, I love it! I especially love the watermelon bunnies, very clever idea!:)

  2. Sarah F Says:

    This one is super cute & fun 🙂

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