Big Top Lunch

September 8, 2012

Cora loooooves the new picks we bought a couple weeks ago, so when I asked her to suggest a lunch theme, she immediately answered, ‘a circus!’. So, a circus it is!

She went on to tell me I had to use the new picks AND a new box. I think I spent more time staring into my bento cupboard trying to figure out what to use than I did making the entire lunch! I finally decided on the blue Sistema Klip It

In the right half we have a dancing elephant cheese sandwich with heart strawberries and a melon big top (watermelon and Galia melon strips). My big top is a copy of the far better one by Cristi from BentOnBetterLunches. You should definitely check her’s out, the entire lunch is adorable!

In the left half we have our coterie of quail egg clowns with spinach ramen hair and carrot circle noses. I used natural food coloring to draw on their faces. I wish it hadn’t bled, they looked pretty cute when I first finished! The other little container has baby carrots and ranch dressing.

I had a fun time making this one, and Cora gobbled it up!

To make this lunch I used:

Natural Food Colors

Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Circus Animal 10 P
Japanese Bento Accessory Food Pick Hat 3D food picks 8 pcs

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  1. Kristie Says:

    those really are cute picks, and I love how you used them all together to make a circus! Tell C she has great ideas! The clowns are my favorite part – thanks for sharing this for Fancy Sandwich Friday 🙂

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