Cute Rice Critters

March 3, 2012

Thanks to some great bento bloggers that are a terrible influence (closed group but very welcoming to newcomers), I received yet another shipment of goodies from All Things For Sale. One of the items was a set of rice molds so cute that Cora declared she now likes rice! So, I scrapped my hazy plans for yet another Seuss lunch and went to town with the new set. Cora helped and we had a great time! Luckily, I had a container of Annie Chun’s Rice Express sticky rice because I’m not sure I could make rice that is sticky enough on my own

Brown rice cute critters with cheese and fruit leather features (next time I’m going to stuff them!), carrots, cucumber sticks, hummus with natural food color cute faces stamped in, strawberry hearts

You can find this set at All Things For Sale. You can also see the kit in action on other foods on the All Things For Sale blog

The cheese was colored using natural food colors from Chocolate Craft Kits

6 Responses to “Cute Rice Critters”

  1. Koogle Says:

    I love your little rice bears. What cute personalities they have!

    • llatorre Says:

      Aren’t those sweet! I wish I could take credit for how cute they are , but really its all about the kit.

  2. Cute! I know this is about the critters, but my favorite part is the row of strawberries with the little pals poking out 🙂

    • llatorre Says:

      I know, I adore those little picks. They are so cute!

      I love your little rice bears, very sweet!

  3. the bears look adorable! very cute bento 🙂

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