Bookworm Lunch

January 12, 2012

Today we are going on a field trip to the library with Cora’s class. To get in the spirit, I made a bookworm lunch. Its a little simple but at least its fairly recognizable!

bookworm sandwich

bookworm lunch

Soy butter and jelly bookworm sandwich roll with fruit leather eye, cheese sandwich books, pomegranate seeds, Pirate Booty, carrots and hummus, fruit hearts

6 Responses to “Bookworm Lunch”

  1. karen Says:

    Okay, just opened up the commenting to anyone (I think!).

  2. karen Says:

    I’ll have Cristi look into the pending request for the group since she’s the one who does it all. Not sure why the commenting isn’t working for the blog. I’ll play with the settings 🙂

  3. karen Says:

    Oh my goodness this is ADORABLE!!! I found you thanks to your snow day lunches at BBN. I voted for you and then had to come see what other wonderful lunches I’ve been missing out on! There’s a group on Facebook of bento bloggers. If you’d like to join in the craziness (we do tend to be a bit on the crazy side sometimes), there’s a button at the top of my blog that will lead you to it 🙂

    • llatorre Says:

      Thank you so much! I would love to join your FB group, I’ll check it out right now.

      Crazy is almost always good in my book 🙂

    • llatorre Says:

      @Karen, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but I need a hosted WP account, I think. I will work on that. In the meantime, I wrote:

      o cute! I did a pirate lunch today too, hopefully I will manage to post it tonight!

      Looks like I already have a request pending for the FB group – it looks like fun!

      Speaking of fun, I love the design of your blog.

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