Egg sheet and cheese sandwich, Fruity-Os (for iron), apple moon, watermelon and kiwi stars

2 Responses to “Who who who’s looking at the moon?”

  1. llatorre Says:

    Thank you! I just chatted with an illustrator friend, and we might collaborate on some designs. I’m really excited because my inventory of ideas is getting low!

    Yes, the PlanetBox definitely has plenty of room for adult portions. I also really like the Laptop system, which is what I usually carry. The containers are too hard for Cora to open so I switched to the PlanetBox for her.

  2. Madeline Murphy Says:

    Lise, your creations are superb! I love to see what you come up with next, and you are never short on ideas.

    Would you say that the bento box you use is large enough to carry lunches for adults? If not, is there one you can recommend that also has all of the compartments for different foods? Thanks!

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